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Klondike Gardens

Nursery Klondike Gardens has been growing gerberas since the early 1980s. Since 2006, the company has had the name Klondike Gardens, named after an Alaskan gold mine. The new name was accompanied by a new location and a focus on small-flowered gerberas. In addition to germinis, mini spiders and mini spherical gerberas, callas are currently grown on some 4.2 acres.

Early development is still something that sets Klondike apart. Then-owner Ben van Leeuwen was the first grower to grow gerberas on substrate. Currently, they supervise a lot of research into insect control (bio), but energy-efficient cultivation and automation of processes are also being looked at. In addition, Klondike Gardens specializes in mix packaging, for both box and diamond gerberas.


Ruud: +31 (0)6 45 73 82 82

Tom: +31 (0)6 23 97 30 44

Ralph: +31 (0)6 58 93 89 80

Sales: +31 (0)6 44 81 08 89

Kleihoogt 35
2651 LX  Berkel en Rodenrijs

Tom van Leeuwen, grower Klondike Gardens

Tom van Leeuwen

Cultivation, assortment,

energy and policy

Because of Tom's broad commitment within Klondike Gardens and Summit Gerbera, no day is the same. One day the focus is on Sales and Marketing, the next day is about the organization within the company. Diversity and satisfied customers thanks to good gerberas make Tom want to get the best out of the companies every day.
Favorite Gerbera: Lido.

Ruud van Leeuwen

Co-owner location Kleihoogt

For Ruud, delivering top products is the most important motivation. He also realizes that this is only possible if people work together with pleasure and skill. Continuous improvement of this combination is therefore his priority.
Favorite Gerbera: Picture Perfect, a unique variety and color. We used to be the only grower, so it was very special to come across this gerbera abroad.

Ruud van Leeuwen, grower Klondike Gardens
Ralph Westerduim, Sales Klondike Gardens

Ralph Westerduin

Day trade and account manager

Ralph knows what service is and goes the extra mile for customers. For example, the gerberas are delivered as desired, but he is also always actively looking for improvements for and with customers.


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