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Villa Gerbera

Villa Gerbera has been specializing in large-flowered gerberas since 2004. Dean and Mike Zuidgeest think sustainable cultivation is important and quality is paramount. At Villa Gerbera, all water within the company is reused and energy is generated by the nursery itself. In addition, the gerbera plants act as solar panels for the company. These in fact convert the CO2 from the nursery, as well as some of the CO2 from the Rotterdam industry, into oxygen.

Villa Gerbera aims for the highest quality. The processing is therefore largely manual and a specialist team carries out strict quality control. For example, the flower diameters and thickness of stems are examined. Villa Gerbera is also the only large-flowered gerbera supplier with the Decorum quality label.


+31 (0)6 33 84 08 00

Vijverberglaan 14

2675LC Honselersdijk

Dean Zuidgeest, grower Villa Gerbera

Dean Zuidgeest

Management, cultivation, marketing, sales

Dean thoroughly enjoys each week; Sundays with a greenhouse full of beautiful gerberas. Ready for a new week to make thousands of people happy with the most beautiful flowers. Something that is only possible thanks to the great team with which Villa Gerbera works.
Favorite Gerbera: Anacleto. A very special spider gerbera, of which we are the only grower!

Mike Zuidgeest

Management, cultivation, human resources, energy

 You don't reach the top alone. Mike knows that all too well. He is proud of the team he works with. Thanks to them, he knows he can walk through a colorful greenhouse full of quality gerberas every day.

Favorite Gerbera: Powerball. A real eye-catcher thanks to its bright pink color and beautiful ball shape.

Mike Zuidgeest, grower Villa Gerbera


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