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Summit Gerbera

The best gerberas come from good cooperation between growers. This is true for gerbera growers within Summit Gerbera. Each grower has their own specialty in growing gerberas and in business management. Together we listen to the wishes of our buyers. We like to share our knowledge regarding sustainability, cultivation and packaging. This is important to reach the top.


The best gerberas

originate from collaborations

Thanks to Summit Gerbera, it is possible for buyers within retail or wholesale to order all gerbera varieties and quantities on one platform. For example, we have the best germinis, but also bulbous, large-flowered and spider gerberas.Thanks to the collaborations between the different nurseries, no request is too crazy and you are guaranteed the best gerberas and a wide assortiment.


Each nursery at Summit Gerbera is known for its high-quality flowers, reliability and customer focus. Our growers are easy going and don't compromise when it comes to quality. Something we are proud of!

Duurzaamheid en ontwikkeling

Sustainability and development at 

Summit Gerbera

Thanks to the cooperation between the growers of Summit Gerbera, we stay abreast of the latest developments for sustainability and technology. For example, several automations have been implemented in the processing area, allowing us to do our orders as well and efficiently as possible for customers.

In addition, all growers have invested heavily to keep up with - and get ahead of where possible - the field of sustainability. For example, we use raw materials and energy sparingly, yet we can grow over twenty times as many flowers! The Summit growers also all have Sedex and MPS-certification. This makes us measurably more sustainable and keeps us motivated to integrate this into our work on a daily basis.


Sustainable initiatives

in gerbera cultivation


climate controlled

All systems in the greenhouse are precisely coordinated. From heat to humidity, light, water and nutrition. This way we save energy and water and preserve the colorful, quality gerbera.



Biological control is an important sustainability effort. Thanks to the use of natural enemies, the use of chemicals can be kept to a minimum. Good insects are allowed inside the greenhouses and thanks to insect netting we keep the "bad" insects for the gerbera outside as much as possible.



Growers are extremely careful about watering. For example, rainwater is used for watering. The return water is collected in a dirty water silo and disinfected. Any remaining fertilizer is returned to the plants.


By precisely adjusting the climate in the greenhouse, we use as little energy as possible. Still, some basis is needed. Therefore, at many of Summit's nurseries, energy is generated through solar panels. In good weather, some nurseries can even generate all the energy they need themselves! In addition, of course, the surplus is fed back into the power grid.


LED lighting can be found at all Summit growers. It is needed primarily during the winter season. This is because the gerbera is a "short day plant"; buds grow in the dark, flowers grow in the light. The switch to LED has reduced power consumption by about 30%.



Thanks to dehumidification systems such as DryGair, humidity can be regulated from the inside. Dehumidification systems remove excess moisture from the air and blow dry, warm air into the greenhouse. These systems provide some 30% to 50% energy savings for Summit Gerbera growers.

Koos Noordzij, Sales Summit Gerbera

Koos Noordzij

Account manager wholesale

With his roots in horticulture, it was not a strange choice for Koos to make the choice to move to Summit Gerbera in 2022. Working in the horticultural sector is challenging and varied. In addition, the personal contact really appeals to Koos, both with wholesalers and growers. That way you speak to a variety of people.

Favourite Gerbera: Dino and Cafe

Ruud Alsemgeest

Account manager retail

The work for Summit Gerbera is never boring. Ruud is in contact with all the buyers about such things as the numbers, varieties and dates for delivering the gerberas. This information is then passed on to the five passionate growers. It is a dynamic and challenging role, where the satisfaction of both the customer and the grower is paramount.

Ruud Alsemgeest, Account manager retail Summit Gerbera
Pieter Ooms, sales Summit Gerbera

Pieter Ooms


Since mid-2023, Pieter has been helping internally in the sales department at Summit Gerbera. The work is always varied and you are constantly talking to other people and departments. Soon Pieter will also start looking after his own customers!

Favorite gerbera: Catwalk, because of its warm and vibrant color!

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