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Kwekerij de Zuidplas

Since 1979, Kwekerij the Zuidplas has been a grower of large-flowered gerberas. A true family business where on 6 acres, sustainable gerberas are grown where quality and service are paramount. Only the best gerberas leave the greenhouse. Which means that each gerbera lasts at least 2 weeks, on its own, in the brightest colors and with the most unusual shapes.


+31 (0)85 02 00 555

Van Hasseltweg 24
2751 GZ  Moerkapelle

Rik Paul, grower Kwekerij de Zuidplas

Rik Paul

Cultivation & Energy

Rik started as manager and is currently part of the management. He is responsible for growing the wide range of gerberas in an energy-efficient manner. This is how Kwekerij the Zuidplas keeps its footprint as low as possible!

Juriaan Weerheim

Short-term projects

Together we tackle improvement opportunities. Something Juriaan has become very passionate about in the 16 years he has been with the company. Optimizing and implementing new techniques does not happen overnight. Choices are made carefully. Everything to guarantee the quality of the gerberas

Jurriaan Weerheim, grower Kwekerij de Zuidplas
Leen Weerheim, grower Kwekerij de Zuidplas

Leen Weerheim

Retail & long term projects

Leen has been working in his grandfather's family business for 24 years. For him, the focus is on retail and long-term orders. Putting a smile on customers' faces every day is the goal!


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